How We Do It

Here’s a breakdown of our process:

1. Free Telephone Consultation:  We discuss your organizational and planning needs.

2. Home Assessment: We meet in your home for one hour to physically evaluate your space, further discuss your objectives and better understand your organizational wants and needs.

3. Estimate: After the home assessment, we provide you with a cost and hour estimate for you project.

4. Plan of Action: Once you sign off on the estimate, we research possible organizational solutions, take measurements of your space and assess any existing storage solutions. Then, together, we develop a organizational strategy based upon your priorities, lifestyle and timeframe.

5. Now, It’s Time to Get to Work! We typically work in four hour blocks because we find that to be the right amount of time to make progress, while not being too draining or intrusive on your time.

Some of our clients choose to work alongside us, while others prefer to be on the other side of the world (or hiding under the bed!), but whether we conquer the space together or OCD implements the plan in your absence, the end result will be an organized and more efficient space that leads you to a calmer and more peaceful life.

Contact us today to get started!