I’m engaged, I’m married… Now what?! Part Deux

We’ve covered gift tracking and thank you note writing, but what do you actually do with all those gifts?

BL and I live in a 1200 sq. ft. condo with limited closet and storage space, so like a lot of other engaged and newlywed couples, we quickly ran out of places to put everything.  Lucky for BL, I am O.C.D. – Organization. Creativity. Design. – so it’s my job to keep everything organized!  Here are some ideas to get you started…

Allocate a space for storing gifts. When gifts arrive, the last thing you want is to have them stacked up in your living room! Choose an area in your home, whether it be a storage closet or spare bedroom to keep the gifts until you are ready to find them a more permanent home. We temporarily stored our gifts in our sparingly used guest room until we decided on their final abodes.

If you’re like me and you’re on the more sentimental side, you may want to keep some or all of the cards people send with their gifts. An easy and aesthetically pleasing way to store these is a pretty photo box or keepsake box that you can store on a bookshelf. You can find them at a number of places including Pottery Barn and The Container Store.

Replace your old items with the new ones. Likely, you registered for newer version of things you already have. Once you receive a full set of one type of item, replace the old with the new. Decide whether you’d like to sell, donate or throw away the old items and follow through with that decision. There is no reason you need to keep two sets of glasses or pots and pans. For me, it was an easy decision… my younger brother is moving to a new place, so I passed along much of my old stuff to him. Anything he didn’t want, I packed up in the boxes from the new items and donated to a local homeless shelter. This is an easy (and thoughtful) way to make room for all of those new household gadgets you’re going to acquire!

If you can manage to do some of these things as you go, it should take a little stress off your shoulders when all is said and done. Then you can just enjoy the days of newly wedded bliss that follow!

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