I’m engaged, I’m married… Now what?!

Hi everyone! I’m back and I’m married! Say goodbye to Marjorie Klein and hello to Marjorie Liff!

Now, on to the important stuff…

The registry is complete and the gifts are steadily arriving at your door… how do you keep track of them all and how are you going to write all those thank you notes?!

My husband- let’s call him BL- and I got married about a month ago, but the gifts started rolling in long before that and are still coming. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and hopefully relieve a little stress at such an overwhelming time in your life…

Keep track of gifts as they arrive. Presumably, most brides-to-be or their wedding planners have created spreadsheets to house their guest lists for each wedding related event, i.e. engagement parties, bridal showers and the wedding itself.  Open a new Excel workbook and rename the sheets* to reflect the different events where you may be receiving gifts:

*To rename a sheet, right click its tab at the bottom of the screen and click “rename.”

Then copy and paste each list into its corresponding sheet in the workbook and add columns for gifts and thank you notes:

Now, you can either print the blank spreadsheets or store them on the computer.  Either way, as each gift arrives, handwrite or type it into the workbook on the appropriate sheet next to the gift giver’s name. If you receive gifts and open them at an event, such as your bridal shower, designate one of your bridesmaids to make a list of the gifts as you open them. If you choose to print the sheets, make sure to store the lists in a folder or designated section in your wedding binder.

If you forget who sent one of the gifts, many registry sites, such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma, have a Thank You Note Manager, where you can track gifts and their senders, so be sure to find out if your registry offers this feature.

Don’t let thank you notes pile up and DON’T think you need to do them alone. Rather than wait until after the wedding to write all of your thank you notes, set aside an hour one day a week to write thank you notes for the gifts you received that week. This will let your guests know you appreciate their generosity, and trust me, your hand will thank you for not writing 100 or more cards at once!  As you write the notes, make sure you check them off your gift list.

And if your fiancé or husband thinks that writing thank you notes is the woman’s job, please set him straight! It’s only fair to split them up. You shouldn’t be expected to write a note to his favorite Aunt Edna and he shouldn’t be forced to write one to your dear Uncle Fred! BL and I decided that I would write the thank you’s to my nearest and dearest and he would tackle his. Marriage is all about compromise folks!

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