Jewels of Inspiration…

A friend of mine recently asked me for some advice on how to store her jewelry.  She has more jewelry than she knows what to do with and often forgets about a lot of pieces.  While not a bad problem to have, many women, myself included, seem to suffer from this “ailment.”  If you are one of these people, you want to store your precious gems properly, but you also want them to be easily accessible. Our conversation inspired me to share some of the ways I store my jewelry and other ideas I’ve stumbled upon that might inspire how you store yours…

While I would love to be able to store all my jewelry in built-in drawers and cubbies in my closet, BL and I share a fairly small closet, so I’m not afforded that marvelous luxury at this time. A girl can certainly dream though! For those of you who can spare the closet space, here are a few great designs I found online at Closet Factory and One Kings Lane, respectively:


Since I am working with limited space, I utilize whatever areas I can. That includes wall, counter and drawer space for different pieces, depending on their function and how often I wear them. To keep more delicate necklaces from getting tangled, I hang them in pin board shadow boxes above my dresser.  

I use the pins that come with the box in addition to generic screw hooks from the hardware store, but you can certainly get as creative as you want! You can use decorative pins or line the back of the box with a fun patterned paper. Martha Stewart has some great DIY tutorials like this one.

I store my chunky and cuff bracelets on a funky paper towel holder that I found in HomeGoods.  Like most professional organizers, I am a Container Store junkie, and discovered this gem (pun intended) of an idea in the “Expert Tips & Ideas” section of their website. Check out some of their other tips here.  While I can’t take credit for it, I think it’s an absolutely ingenious (and inexpensive) solution!

All of my dangling earrings are kept front and center on a jewelry holder on top of our dresser. Not only do they add a little festive decor, they are also easily accessible!

You can find fun jewelry holders at places like Urban Outfitters and Etsy.

I keep all of my small earrings and bracelets, rings, watches and bulkier necklaces in nightstand drawers, where they are readily available.  I use bamboo drawer organizers that I bought at the Container Store, which you can find here, so everything has its own compartment. 

The Container Store carries a plethora of other options that can be found here. You can even use kitchen drawer organizers, assuming the dimensions work for you, that can be found at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or Target.

Explore some of the other great ideas I’ve seen along the way at Shelterness ( and of couse, the blog I told you all about last week, Apartment Therapy (

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