Chief Organizer

Who We Are

O.C.D. Organization is a professional organizing company that focuses on personal and residential organization in the South Florida area, providing organizing and planning services for all aspects of your home and life.

O.C.D. is owned and operated by Marjorie Liff. Marjorie wears many hats at this company including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Organizing Officer. It’s only that last one that matters. Marjorie handles all aspects of our clients’ organization projects from planning through execution.

About Marjorie: Marjorie is a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in English. She also has a Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University School of Law and practiced law for several years with a focus in Entertainment Law. However, before she even learned to read or write, it was apparent that her greatest gift was keeping everything in its proper place. She started as a little girl organizing dolls by height and outfit, then advanced to organizing her friends’ dorm rooms in college. More recently she has been making sure her husband’s (as of May 2012!) suitcases are always packed neatly and efficiently, and has color-coordinated their shared closet space. Marjorie has always had a knack for turning chaos into tranquility, and after hearing from the thousandth grateful (and newly organized) friend, “Marj, you should charge for this!” O.C.D. Organization was born.